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Time Management – Begin with Beginning

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A person who is an expert at managing time effectively is always a step ahead of every other person in the room. They can speed up how they work and can enjoy more leisure activities in life. Some of the world’s most successful people are experts in managing time, and they teach this to others too that time management is the sole key to success.

In previous article we discuss about Achieving success, on extend of that here are some motivation speech you need to hear for making Time management skill. So, here go…

1. Andy Puddicombe – All it takes is ten mindful minutes

Andy Puddicombe said that always take time to plan out every minute of the day, from what you have to do to your breaks, you write down everything on your down and then prioritize. You might think this is time wasting, but in reality, it saves you a lot of time. Time will not repeat itself. So get up and do what is to be done!

2. Nilofer Merchant – Got a meeting? Take a walk

Nilofer Merchant stressed how important it is to “create” the moment, not wait for it. She said that your body needs exercise so that it can remain fresh and able to carry you throughout the whole day. So, exercise is as important as work.

3. Arianna Huffington – How to succeed? Get more sleep

Arianna Huffington said that “Sleep is as important as working throughout the day. She stressed on how the right amount of sleep can not only make you more productive but also make you better at what you do. This makes you a better wife and a better mother to your children.

Better sleep allows you to work more productively.

The truth is all about time management! Your daily routine should consist of some rest, socializing and most importantly exercising your body. In between all this, you should always find time for what you need to do. This is wise time management.

4. Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins talked about understanding what motivates you and to make that an important part of your daily life, so you know where to look to if you need your daily motivation. It will make you a better person.

5. Nigel Marsh – How to make work-life balance work

Lastly, Nigel Marsh talked about how to get a balance in your life by doing all that you love and work.

I hope this article proves useful to you and motivates you to become a better version of yourself. This is a new formate of posting articles for me so, if you like it then do comment below for more like this.

Thanks for reading.

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